Female Economic Inclusion

Women make up nearly half of the country’s population but according to a World Bank report only about 26% of women are an active part of the workforce. Their participation will not only make the country more inclusive but become a driver for economic prosperity as well.

Possible areas of focus:

  • The number of female skilled workforces is fewer than that of male skilled workforces, hence they are at a disadvantage when applying for jobs.

  • Women’s capabilities are stereotyped and those stereotypes are carried into the workplace, which results in demotivation and bias. For example; women are bad at math so chances of them applying/being accepted for a job as an economist would be lower.

  • Unequal pay gap due to gender discrimination.

  • Women are expected to be the home makers while the men are expected to go out and work.

Solution example:

  • A website/app with dedicated courses to upskill females.

  • Creating a platform which shows what is required by various jobs and what they entail to spark interest and inspiration.

    Accessibility to Education

It is estimated that there are at least 18.7 million children who do not go to school. This is in part due to the inaccessibility of educational resources/tools and at times the lack of quality schools. Technology and innovation can be vital to making education accessible to all.

Possible areas of focus:

  • Underfunding of schools in rural areas.

  • Lack of good teachers.

  • In some communities in Sindh and Balochistan, young girls are forced to forego their educational rights. In some cases they are married off at a young age which also eliminates their chances of becoming educated.

  • Higher education in Pakistan is a privilege and should be made more accessible.

Solution example:

  • Setting up an online donation portal that automatically transfers money straight from donors to these schools.

  • Creating a website for teachers that has lesson plans and the breakdown of syllabi to make teaching easier while also ensuring completion of the entirety of the syllabus. Also make it a portal for teachers to share their resources and material.

    Climate Change

The impact of climate change is now more evident than ever before. Sporadic and unpredictable weather patterns are just the beginning of what will become a long and difficult road ahead. However a concentrated effort can be made right now to mitigate the impact.

Possible areas of focus:

  • Water bodies are drying up resulting in villagers having to travel further for this basic necessity. According to a study by the WHO females suffer from more health issues than males when travelling long distances to get water. 

  • When natural disasters such as floods occur women are 14 times more likely to die than men due to the difference in socialization and the teaching of skills, eg women aren’t taught to swim and climb.

  • Rural to urban migration has increased drastically due to climate change.

  • If a natural disaster ruins a family’s livelihood they are likely to marry off their daughters for money or just to reduce the financial burden.



Solution example:

  • A technological system should be installed to take water out of wells and water bodies without manpower.

  • A platform with disaster specific life skill videos should be introduced. Eg, how to light fires, make a floatable raft, etc.

  1. Tourism

Tourism in recent years has been a major economic driver. Many areas of Pakistan have the potential to become a hub for travel for tourists home and abroad.

Possible areas of focus:

  • Lack of tourism results in fewer jobs for the general population.

  • Handmade and cultural products have the potential to create a flow of revenue and create more household income.

  • A lack of tourism means a lack of cultural exposure, decreasing the potential for people, communities and cultures to become more interconnected.

  • Tourism can also have a negative impact on the environment. A middle ground needs to be found which would allow for locals to benefit while keeping nature intact.

Solution example:

  • A website for textile and decorating businesses to connect female artisans with potential buyers.

  • A virtual touring portal.